1. missive, dispatch, written message; epistle, Obs. billet, note, line, bulletin; answer, reply, acknowledgement, bread-and-butter note, thank-you note; business letter, form letter, drop letter; love letter, billet-doux, Inf. mash note, fan letter; card, Christmas card, postcard, picture postcard; Rom. Cath. Ch. encyclical.
2. alphabetic character, written character, sign, symbol, phonetic character; initial, majuscule, uncial, ideogram, rune, hieroglyphic character, hieroglyph, cuneiform character, hierogram; letter of the alphabet, ABC.
3. type, piece of type, impressed form, stamp, print; linotype, monotype, stereotype, electrotype, autotype, albertype, ambrotype, chromotype, zinctotype, steno-type, lithotype; logotype, ligature; lower case, minuscule, upper case, majuscule, capital, Inf. cap, small capital; strike, matrix, jet, sprue, body, type body, face, typeface.
4.(all type styles)Old English, Gothic, German text, antique, clarendon, French, Elzevir, Caslon, Caslon old style, Ionic, Chapel text, typewriter; black letter, roman, italic, cursive, script; standard, lightface, boldface, fullface, extrabold face, extrabold; Braille.
5. letters
a. literature, belles-lettres, the humanities, Latin, litterae humaniores. the classics, philosophy; the world of letters, the field of letters, writing, play-writing, journalism; book publishing, bibliogony, bibliography, librarianship, bibliopoly; linguistics, science of language, philology, lexicography, glossology, semantics, etymology, lexicology, grammar, diction.b. learning, booklore; culture, liberal education, higher education, scholarship, study, studies, erudition.
6. to the letter
literally, Latin, literatim. literal, according to the letter, verbatim, word for word, Fr. mot a mot. in the same words, Latin, sic. thus; strictly speaking, chapter and verse, by the rules, Inf. according to Hoyle, Inf. kosher, orthodox, authentic, faithful, conforming, canonical, scriptural, textual; exactly, precisely, accurately.
7. inscribe, write, mark, character, initial, sign, stencil.

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